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Internet Resources
The advent of the Internet has put vast amounts of information, medical and otherwise, at our fingertips. But, just because the information is available does not always make it reliable. Because your pediatrician is your best source of information, you should exercise caution and consult your doctor before acting on information obtained online. We have provided these resources below for your benefit, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of, nor are we responsible for, any of the content contained within these sites.

Adoption - Website for the North American Council On Adoptable Children that tells how to adopt children in foster care - The State Department's international adoption site with extensive information to prepare you for international adoption

Allergy/Asthma - Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America - Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

Alternative Therapies - Reliable information on alternative therapies

Attention and Learning - Official site of the Learning Disabilities Association of America - Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

Autism - Factual information about autism - Information on early autism indicators

Growth and Development - Resource for normal developmental milestones - Behavioral and developmental expectations by age - Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator - Weight chart for girls ages 0-36months - Length chart for girls ages 0-36months - Weight chart for boys ages 0-36months - Length chart for boys ages 0-36months - Weight chart for girls ages 2-20years - Stature chart for girls ages 2-20years - Weight chart for boys ages 2-20years - Stature chart for boys ages 2-20years

Nutrition - The food pyramid for children less than six years old - Family guide to use healthy eating practices - Resource for nursing mothers

Medical Organizations - The American Academy of Pediatrics' website - The Center for Disease Control's website - Texas Children's Hospital - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's website with a wealth of health and safety information

Parenting - Information on behavior, development and pediatric health conditions - American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - Nemours Clinic site for parents, kids and teens - A comprehensive parenting site sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Safety - Car seat ratings to vehicle crash tests - National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse - Internet safety - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - recall information

Special Needs/Chronic Medical Conditions - The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities - Management and education about type 1 and 2 diabetes from the American Diabetes Association - National Down Syndrome Society - Downloadable growth charts for children with Down Syndrome - National Organization for Rare Disorders - Website for excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) - National Cancer Institute site providing information on treatment options, the latest clinical trials, support groups and other resources

Teen Health - Teen health information from the renowned Nemours Foundation - Answers to questions about sex and STDs - Award-winning sexual health website for teens

Travel - Everything you need to know about international travel

Vaccinations - Information about vaccine preventable diseases and benefits versus risks of vaccination - Up to date website from one of the most respected children's hospitals in the world. Good for parents, doctors and other healthcare professionals

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